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SOCMM - Crossroads Chapel Palm Harbor

Servants of Christ Motorcycle Ministry


Servants of Christ Motorcycle Ministry is based out of Connecticut and runs throughout the east cost of the U.S. down to Florida. This motorcycle ministry was started by Rich and Judi who originally rode with the colors of Disciple of Jesus Christ. Disciples of Jesus Christ along with Seed Of Abraham, were one of the first motorcycle ministries in Connecticut during the early 90’s.


The formation of the club was decided upon by 8-10 people, who were mostly bikers, when they gathered together for weekly fellowship and prayer. The club's official mission statement, requirements, colors and the name of the ministry were put together in 2000. The newly founded Christian motorcycle ministry became official in March 2001 as Servants Of Christ Motorcycle Ministry (SOCMM)


Our mission is the same today as it was when we first started, to go out into the world to share the message of hope. We believe that no-one is beyond the reach of God's love and unending mercy and we persevere in prayer for those who are still resistant to God.

We purpose to display a Christ-like attitude toward all that we meet, an attitude of courtesy, care and concern. That they might see Jesus in us and see that He is alive and real today.


For local information contact: Mickey Judd (727) 494-6829

Or visit their website at

Crossroads Chapel Palm Harbor is a Spirit Filled church. As an Evangelical Biker Church, we welcome anyone (bikers and non-bikers) who needs and wants to hear the Word.

Servants Of Christ Motorcycle Ministry - Crossroads Chapel - Palm Harbor
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