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Heaven Saints Motorcycle Minisrty - Crossroads Chapel Palm Harbor

Heaven’s Saints Motorcycle Ministry


Heaven’s Saints members (H.S.M.M.) can be found all over the U.S. and in some parts of Canada. Members of local chapters work together to reach out to others in their community. Each chapter prayerfully considers how they can best direct their efforts to provide help and assistance to those in need. We have chapters involved in many areas of ministry including prison ministry, youth outreach, youth detention centers, homeless shelters, drug and alcohol rehab churches, rallies, biker events, etc.


Working to reach out to others… That’s what a real brother does. Chapters work together by supporting each other and helping one another with their various outreaches, and also by working together on larger national rallies. The Heaven’s Saints M/M established the Church of the Heaven’s Saints to further their ministry capabilities. We are not a motorcycle club. It is not our desire to control any specific state, city, or location. It is, however our desire to assist those in need in whatever way we can. Our ultimate bylaws are the Bible. We will do our best to guide others into a personal relationship with God and His Son, Jesus. We believe that Jesus is the answer to ANY problems you might be facing. We are always glad to pray for and with others.


For more local information contact Scott Creasy (727) 687-8670

or visit their website at

Crossroads Chapel Palm Harbor is a Spirit Filled church. As an Evangelical Biker Church, we welcome anyone (bikers and non-bikers) who needs and wants to hear the Word.

H.S.M.M. - Crossroads Chapel Palm Harbor
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